Unique artistic retreats in Lanzarote

A volcanic island rich in breathtaking landscapes, vibrant surf, art, and crafts. Enabling creative getaways inspired by this extraordinary territory.

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We curate art retreats for all seeking a creative break

Take the opportunity to unwind, relax, and forge a deep connection with art and nature

In a forceful island

Ignite the creative spark in anyone who sets a foot in here

Full of incredible people

We've had the privilege of welcoming people from around the world. We're thankful to see them create, connect, and unlock their inner art with us

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A unique experience

Classes, healthy meals, incredible accommodations

  • Rachel

    I am living inside a dream . I’m going to enjoy so much all the treasures I encountered. New friendships, new watercolor techniques.

    I am surrounded by amazing humans. I have not been this relaxed…. Maybe ever.


  • Jo

    I’ve never felt more connected to my art and to myself. The environment here is truly special.

    The combination of professional guidance and beautiful surroundings made this a perfect getaway.


  • Biljana

    I absolutely loved the retreat. It was such an inspiring experience to paint in Lanzarote.

    The Sun Collective really knows how to create a welcoming and creative atmosphere. I felt at home instantly.


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  • Art retreats inspired by Lanzarote's land and the need for a creative escape